Join me for 5 days of Peace and Pleasure

Sometimes this time of year feels FAR from Merry and Peaceful.

There is so much to do, trying to make things magical, chaotic family gatherings, not to mention we're still managing a pandemic and navigating social situations that can cause extra anxiety.

Enjoy some extra nourishment this crazy time of year and
Join me for 5 days of Peace + Pleasure and move from stressed to sane in a few short minutes.

Each day I'll lead you thru a quick live practice  to support you in moving from GRRRR to AHHHH. Fast.

Catch all the replays below.

Enjoy the replays below!

Day 1 - What do I need right now?

It can feel hard sometimes to tune into your own needs, especially when you're feeling stressed and busy.

Today I'm taking you through a practice to tune into your own needs, and to connect to your empowered self to approach all that crosses your path with more peace, ease, and support.

Tune into the recording HERE, and Let me know how the practice goes for you!

Day 2 - Making time for rest.

While the rhythms of nature invite in stillness and quiet, often the holidays can be busy and stressful!

Running here and there, perhaps cooking or entertaining, traveling, dealing with loneliness or sadness, perhaps even being super excited and overjoyed! 

It's all ok, no matter what you are experiencing.

No matter what, it's still so important to make time for rest, even if just for 5 minutes.

Today's practice is an invitation to down regulate your nervous system, to allow yourself a moment of peace and stillness.   Enjoy today's practice HERE.

And if you have a friend who you know needs this, please invite them to join our group.

Day 3 - Connect To Pleasure.

Pleasure is such healing nourishment.  I believe the experience of pleasure cancels the experience of pain. 

Yes - we need to feel our pain and integrate the root cause, but there are also times we need to move forward and function in our daily life.

One way is finding a place in your body that feels very safe, very comfortable and place your focus on that space in your body. Connecting to the most empowered part of you and allowing that to expand.
Alternatively, you can allow yourself to remember a time when you had all your needs met, you felt fully resourced.

In my opinion, pleasure is the antidote to pain.

Both pain and pleasure are first perceived in the amygdala, the part of the brain dedicated to emotional extremes, fight/flight, survival.
Pleasure and pain originate in the nucleus accumbens, just below the level of thought.

There are values placed upon sensation mingled with emotion and thoughts.

So when we have a sensation, that triggers an emotional response, which triggers whether we feel pleasure or pain.  The good news is that our brains are able to be rewired.

We can rewire our brains to feel more pleasure.

The more we engage in pleasurable experiences, the easier it is for our nervous system to default to regulation.  

It also can be easy to feel outside of the realm of pleasure, so you can start small.

I wanted to share this pleasure meditation - you can use this to access that feeling of being fully resourced.

Listen in HERE.

Day 4 - Sitting with Discomfort.

No matter how things are going, we all deal with difficulty at some time or another.  Especially this time of year, there are lots of unrealistic expectations flying around, as well as the usual never ending list of "to dos."  

When we are able to sit with difficulty, versus immediately doing something to take your mind off of it (I'm looking at you scrolling black hole) we increase our capacity for resilience.  We allow our nervous systems a chance to become more robust, and to deal with things from a place of presence.   This in turn helps us to also be able to hold more of what is good!  

And always, doing this just as it is doable, not pushing or forcing, but allowing yourself to feel what you are experiencing, and then you can move back to something that feels easy and good.

Join me today for a little practice to have better stress resilience, and to hold those little irritants that can trigger you throughout your day.

Listen to this 10 min practice HERE.

Day 5 - What Can I Celebrate?

Why is it important to celebrate?  Celebration can wire new behaviors into our lives — and make us feel great in the process!

Sometimes it can feel challenging to celebrate, but it is such a powerful tool in rewiring your brain to focus on what IS working.  Now yes, there are some really bad things going on, and we live in an unjust society, however we can always look around and tune into something in this moment to celebrate, even if it is that you are breathing, and your heart is still beating.

We can also be really hard on ourselves, and this process can invite in more self compassion and self love. 

BJ Fogg, a behavioral researcher at Stanford and the author of Tiny Habits shares in his research the power of celebration is a key element in creating new habits and actually making changes happen.

Today's practice is about celebration! 

Get it HERE!

Hi, I'm Amanda Testa.

I'm a Sex, Love, and Relationship Expert + Trauma Resolution Guide, here to support you to heal your relationship to your sexuality so you can eliminate shame, own your sexy confidence, have more fun in bed, and have the deeply connected relationships you desire. 

My proven process The Feminine Fire Method™ combines the latest in neuroscience, trauma resolution, and somatic healing with ancient practices from Tantra and Taoism to facilitate rapid add lasting transformation. 

I'm also a mama, wife and world changing witch, and the host of the Find Your Feminine Fire podcast.

In 5 days you will:

Learn how to tune in to what you need 
Feel more relaxed and calm
Connect to pleasure and enjoy what feels good
Feel more present and patient
Feel more self compassion and self love
Make yourself a priority

© Copyright Amanda Testa LLC 2021

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