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Feminine Fire Method™ Class

Recorded Live 4.10.20.  Click on image below to watch replay!

How would it feel to reclaim a little time and energy for yourself during all this chaos?

Listen, I get it - things are super uncertain and crazy right now.  You’re juggling a LOT.  
You’re feeling all the feels, and trying to hold it together.   Agitated. Sad. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Mixed in with some joyful moments, sure.

Take a deep breath with me an imagine....

Feeling deeply connected to the part of you that feels strong, and knows you can get through anything... your sacred power, your unbreakable core, building resiliency and trust. 
Feeling supported to find calm in the chaos, so there is less tension and stress in your home. You don't have to do this alone.
Finding playfulness and pleasure in a doable way, so you can actually find a way to enjoy this time of togetherness with the people you love most.  
Being surrounded by a supportive sisterhood, So you can have fun and connect with other awesome women.  And LAUGH. Hard.


"Amanda's program was such an incredible, opening experience.  I was completely blown away by Amanda and the power of connecting with our amazing group of women each week. I feel more open, more playful, more creative, more in touch with my authentic self. Amanda is the most caring and imaginative leader. She goes above and beyond to create an intimate and impactful experience for each woman. Get Amanda into your life, stat! Your body, your spirit, and all of the people in your life will thank you for it.

Rachel Sizemore

Certified Breathwork Healing Facilitator and Mindfulness-Based Life Coach at


"Amanda's incredibly powerful yet simple delivery helped me get so clear in a fear and a vision that without her guidance I wouldn't have uncovered. I'm someone who's been in personal development for 12 years and not everyone can get through my strong ego and distracted mind, she did and it only took 40 minutes in a group setting. She's incredible!  You want to have her coach or speak to you and your groups. What a treat it was to learn from her! #moreplease "

Maru Iabichela

Author, Speaker, and Founder of Infinite Receiving.


Amanda Testa is one of the most sensuous and generous women that I have ever known. I jumped into a six week session not knowing quite what to expect, but wanting some of whatever she was having! The experience delighted me at every turn, not only offering the opportunity to dive under the surface with a group of women each week and to learn practices for enhancing feminine presence and pleasure, but also providing a treasury of resources for deepening and expanding on the experience over time. It was everything I might have hoped for and so much more! 

Lea Bett

Life-Work Designer, Founder of The Life Work Lab


Working with Amanda was just what I needed. It made me feel like the challenges of womanhood and motherhood that I was facing were normal and that I was not an unfixable anomaly. It gave me the tools I needed to work towards a happier, more engaged version of myself. It helped me learn how to connect with my partner while empowering me to take care of myself. Not to mention, the women I met in the group were awesome, authentic women.

Gray Worely

Mom, ED Nurse, Wife, Runner

Amanda Testa, Embodiment & Relationship Expert

Amanda Testa is a soulful, heart-centered expert when it comes to sex and relationships. She helps overwhelmed professional women and couples reconnect to themselves and each other.

Her unique proven process combines neuroscience and nervous system regulation, with ancient practices from Tantra and Taoism, to help women heal their relationship to their sexuality so they can eliminate shame and guilt, own their confidence, feel like a Goddess in their skin, and have the deeply connected relationships they desire.

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