How would it feel to reclaim a little time and energy for yourself during all this chaos?

Listen, I get it - things are super uncertain and crazy right now.  You’re juggling a LOT.  

You’re feeling all the feels, and trying to hold it together.   Agitated. Sad. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. 

Mixed in with some joyful moments, sure.

Look, I understand.
Your life is turned upside down.

Maybe you’re always rushing to the next task: webinars, zoom meetings, trying to get some work done, dealing with constant interruptions, making snacks AGAIN. Trying to provide the kids a semblance of “homeschool”.  

(yep, the screen time is saving you and you feel super guilty about it.)  

Not to mention dealing with the emotional weight of a pandemic on top of everything else. 

Maybe you’re headed for the comfort of the pantry nonstop? 😉

If you’re a mom, you dread hearing, “Mommy when are you going to get off your phone?” Even when you are with them, you are never fully present, this time seems to have brought even more struggle.  Who are those people who are able to actually have time during this quarantine? 

With so much of your energy devoted to so many things, you’re worried that you are missing out on all the little moments, and before you know it, they’ll be gone.   And time flies so quickly, in a blink your kids will be grown up. You don’t want to look back and realize you missed an opportunity to actually BE with your family during this crazy time. 

You and your partner are feeling the tension of the “togetherness” and although you are ALWAYS together, you don’t feel you are connecting at all.  There are way more arguments and tension. (And why must they chew so loud?!)

You’re totally tapped out and exhausted by the end of the day.  

Deep down you know that if something doesn’t change you're headed for even more stress and trouble. 

Strained relationships with your kids. 

Divorce or a break up when this is all over.  

You fear your health will deteriorate, so many worries.

 - Can someone just help ME?  

- Help me remember what is good in all of this? 

 - Help me to feel supported while everything is in turmoil?

- I'm so overwhelmed, I don't even know what steps to take!

This is why I've created Nourish, a 6-week LIVE group coaching program to embody wisdom, safety and trust.

Your help is here. Join me for Nourish, a 6-week group program back to your sacred power, your unbreakable core.

You will come out of these 6 weeks feeling better than when you started.  

Productive, playful, present, healthy, connected, resilient.

Let’s face it, pandemic or not, we never know what tomorrow may bring.  

It’s key to find ways to get through the challenging times and emotions of life, without melting down, shutting down, or screaming at the ones you love most. (ps. if you're doing those things, that is ok too, we're all doing our best here.   And when we know better, we do better- Maya Angelou)

Not pushing, or striving, or adding more to your list, but by tuning into a place where your entire body, mind and soul can relax, just be, and connect to the power of the present moment.

Being supported by a loving expert, yours truly,  who knows how to guide you through these rough waters with grace and compassion.  

You'll also have the support and community of our small group of amazing women. I know when we lean into the support of community, beautiful things happen.

Take a deep breath and imagine: 

Feeling deeply connected to the part of you that feels strong, and knows you can get through anything... your sacred power, your unbreakable core, building resiliency and trust. 
Feeling supported to find calm in the chaos, so there is less tension and stress in your home. You don't have to do this alone.
Finding playfulness and pleasure in a doable way, so you can actually find a way to enjoy this time of togetherness with the people you love most.  
Being surrounded by a supportive sisterhood, So you can have fun and connect with other awesome women.  And LAUGH. Hard.

I see you divine woman, and I’m here to help. 

Hi!  I'm Amanda Testa.  Something I often see in working with high achieving women as an Empowerment and Relationship Coach, is that on the outside it may appear they are thriving, but inside they really struggle with balancing the passion they have for their business, with the passion they have for their partners, much less themselves.

They’re busy all day. Taking care of everyone else’s needs… their family, their business, and then, very last on the list becomes their relationship with their partner.  

And their own desires? Often not even on the page.

The good news is that life absolutely doesn’t have to be this way.

And I know this is true because I was that woman.   And I came out the other side.

You can too. 

Here’s what we’re going to cover in these 6 weeks.

Week 1:  Feeling safe when the world is scary.

Yes, it’s totally normal to be fine one moment, fully in grief the next, feeling frozen and not wanting to get out of bed, or frantically pivoting, trying to do allll the things to keep yourself busy and avoid feeling anything at all.  

This week you’ll discover some simple tools to nourish your nervous system, to find calm and resources during the storm, and to find more presence and patience to support yourself and your loved ones through this.   

When you can find a wide base of support for yourself, you can better weather the storm.  

As moms, we set the energetic frequency of our families. If you’re scared and stressed, it’s totally ok, and you want to find a way to allow this, and then return to a sense of stability, so you can make dinner, help with math (or teach your kids to carry the one ;)) have some energy to have fun with your family, and your partner too!

Week 2 : Connecting to what you really need.

This,  for many women, is a huge challenge.  You will discover simple ways to understand what you truly need to thrive during these uncertain times.  Not what you think you may need, but what you TRULY need.

Connecting to your desires, wants and needs is more important than ever.  We will find doable ways to create a feel-good plan for yourself. No more stress or struggle. We’ll integrate all of you into every step of the process.

You’ll also learn how to create strong boundaries so you can actually receive what you need.

Week 3:  Find a deeper love for yourself. 

In this module, I’ll reveal the secrets to finding acceptance for yourself on a deeper level than ever before.  You’ll also eliminate the guilt and shame that may keep you from taking care of yourself first. 

You’ll discover how to embrace the wholeness of you, exactly as you are, right now.  Not when you’ve lost the 10 pounds, made “x” amount of money, or done “the thing”. Right. Now.  

Week 4: Finding pleasure in the chaos.

Yes, times are trying.  But finding a way to feel good is so key for our overall health and well being! When you are in these pleasurable states, your brain is functioning from the highest level, the mid prefrontal cortex. This enables you to access more creativity, and higher cognitive function. You are accessing your action points. 

We can respond vs. react. We can creatively problem solve. We can appreciate and enjoy more.

If the state of the world has you concerned right now, it is more important than ever to pursue pleasure. Your joy. So you can function from a place of creativity.  

Also, when you are living in a beautiful, pleasurable state of being, you are inspiring others to do the same.  

Week 5: Nourishing yourself, nourishing your relationships.

This week, you’ll build better communication and learn some simple strategies and tools to create a more powerful connection to your partner, your children, and yourself.  Say goodbye to the constant arguing, and say hello to more support and harmony in the home!

No more disarray and discord. You’ll infuse your most cherished relationships with a renewed sense of playfulness and fun. The constant bickering fades away.  

Week 6:  Empowering your highest self.

This week you’ll create a practice that sends you into each day energized and welcomes you back to yourself each evening. You will create a custom self-nourishment practice for your brain, body, and spirit. We’ll clear away the shame and negative self talk and replace it with the love and acceptance that you deserve. We will wrap up with a beautiful ritual to feel at home in your body.  You’ll feel amazingly confident in your skin, at home in your body, and feel a deep love for the woman looking back at you from the mirror.  

You’ll learn how to instantly short circuit negative emotions and drop back into the present moment- anytime you want. Together, we’ll build simple daily practices that re-ignite your senses and leave you feeling calm, connected,  sure of yourself again.

What others are saying:


"Amanda's program was such an incredible, opening experience.  I was completely blown away by Amanda and the power of connecting with our amazing group of women each week. I feel more open, more playful, more creative, more in touch with my authentic self. Amanda is the most caring and imaginative leader. She goes above and beyond to create an intimate and impactful experience for each woman. Get Amanda into your life, stat! Your body, your spirit, and all of the people in your life will thank you for it.

Rachel Sizemore

Certified Breathwork Healing Facilitator and Mindfulness-Based Life Coach at


"Amanda's incredibly powerful yet simple delivery helped me get so clear in a fear and a vision that without her guidance I wouldn't have uncovered. I'm someone who's been in personal development for 12 years and not everyone can get through my strong ego and distracted mind, she did and it only took 40 minutes in a group setting. She's incredible!  You want to have her coach or speak to you and your groups. What a treat it was to learn from her! #moreplease "

Maru Iabichela

Author, Speaker, and Founder of Infinite Receiving


Amanda Testa is one of the most sensuous and generous women that I have ever known. I jumped into a six week session not knowing quite what to expect, but wanting some of whatever she was having! The experience delighted me at every turn, not only offering the opportunity to dive under the surface with a group of women each week and to learn practices for enhancing feminine presence and pleasure, but also providing a treasury of resources for deepening and expanding on the experience over time. It was everything I might have hoped for and so much more! 

Lea Bett

Life-Work Designer, Founder of The Life Work Lab


Working with Amanda was just what I needed. It made me feel like the challenges of womanhood and motherhood that I was facing were normal and that I was not an unfixable anomaly. It gave me the tools I needed to work towards a happier, more engaged version of myself. It helped me learn how to connect with my partner while empowering me to take care of myself. Not to mention, the women I met in the group were awesome, authentic women.

Gray Worely

Mom, ED Nurse, Wife, Runner

When you emerge from these 6 weeks:

You will have a whole new awareness of your own power and intuition and what it feels like to take care of yourself on every level.   You'll know how to understand what you really need, and be able to ask for and recieve what you need. 

You can finally stop searching outside of  yourself, and stop this frantic seeking energy and actually remember that you have the answer you need within you.  Firmly rooted in trusting yourself, your infinite wisdom,  and knowing that you are well resourced to find creative solutions.

You’re able to be present with your kids and more easily separate work from home life, and to create strong boundaries that support you.   You will sink in and enjoy the moments of togetherness, from a place of joy and appreciation vs. stress and overhwhelm. 

Your relationships will become a priority again because whether it's a relationship with your partner, your kids, whoever,  it will be easier and more fun to put time and energy there.  

You’ll have a new group of soul sisters and a whole lot of love and support every step of the way.

Choose Your Package

Normally this couse is $997, but due to current circumstances with COVID 19, 

I’m offering it at 50% off.  Yep, only $497 or 2 monthly payments of $250.  This is an incredible opportunity.


(6) 90 minute group calls via zoom May 8 -June 12 Fridays at 12:00 MST.
Weekly Practices, Meditations,  and Online Resources to support you in between our sessions.
PDFs and worksheets
Free SECRET Facegroup group for sisterhood and support. I’ve found that being surrounded and encouraged by other women on this journey is a powerful part of the process.
My deep support and expert guidance.
And additional bonus surprises along the way!

Single Payment


The group experience was fantastic.  The content was excellent and delivered in a way that was comfortable and digestible, enough but not too much. I left the sessions feeling restored and as if I had expanded a bit.  It was a space to be still and be nourished, which as a busy mom doesn’t happen often.  

If you want to expand your perspective on your your self, and take a little time for sisterhood, I would recommend this program.

Torey Ivanic

Founder of Open Space, Best Selling Author of No Big Deal.  

Payment Plan
2 Monthly payments of $250 each

$250 x2 

Amanda is an amazing leader.  She creates beautiful safe space and allows you to flow into your rhythms.  Loving and playfully, she will guide you to open up even more into the depths of your feminism.  I really encourage you to join her in this adventure, which will really be your adventure.

Lisseth Wertz

Quantum Leap Coach

Nourish PLUS (4) 1-1 private sessions with Amanda


I BREATHE easier when I’m around Amanda. I know that sounds funny, but after personally experiencing her magic, I felt more connected than ever to my own power as a woman to seduce, receive, and love the world to life.  With Amanda, her presence is her juju. You have to be inside a space she creates to know the full transforming energy of this woman!

Tiffany Josephs

Corporate + Life Coach, Magic Maker

Here Are Your Questions Answered

What if I can’t attend live?

All sessions will be recorded for your convenience, so you can access the replays if you can't attend live.  There will be an online membership portal where you will access all materials.  We will meet for 90 minutes on Fridays at Noon MST.

I'm not sure I can afford it?

Are you struggling getting the results you are after?  You can patch together this information, but having someone to lead you down a well worn path to success is easier than whacking thru the weeds don’t you agree?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  If you are really struggling right now, but really want to participate, you can apply for a scholarship here. Note there are a limited amount of scholarship spots available.

How much time will it take?

You can’t magically expect things to change.  With as little as one practice a week you will start to notice changes.   The course is recorded so you will have access and be able to work on everything at your own pace.  Take as much time as you need to digest the information.  Our live calls will be 90 mins a week, and you will need a little time for the home practices.

Why is this important now? 

 Why not now? This is the perfect time to nourish yourself.  Society may be saying one thing, but what I know for sure, is that a powerful, confident, loving woman, is a woman who knows how to care for herself exquisitely. 

Why work with me?

As I shared above, I have been in your shoes.  I was a woman feeling so disconnected, waking up in the morning, super resentful before my day even began, lashing out at my poor little family because I was just miserable inside.

I thought I was doing all the right things for myself. I was working out, was involved in the community, was doing all these things, but something deep was missing.

I remember one snowy morning stumbling into the bathroom and looking in the mirror, thinking who IS this woman looking back at me? I had no connection with her at all. 

I promised myself I would do whatever it took to find her again. I would follow whatever crumbs came my way.   I knew I needed support, so I started searching for the answers. 

Thankfully I stumbled upon the prestigious Tantric Institute For Integrated Sexuality, where I learned how to connect with myself, how to communicate, how to have amazing intimacy, and how to love myself like never before.  My experience was so life changing, I knew I wanted to help other women, so they didn’t have to struggle like I did.  

I studied over 4 years, received over 1000 hours of training in sex and relationship coaching,  trauma resolution, breathwork, and more, and got certified to share these incredible tools with women around the world.  I'm also a trained post traumatic growth guide, so I know how to safely and confidently help you through these trying times. 

I just remember after doing this work, I thought to myself, 

WHY?? Why haven’t women been taught these things?! 

You want to have more energy, to feel confident in your skin… to feel like more than just a mom.  

You want to be powerful and feminine. You want to feel passion and desire for your partner again…

And these are things our modern society doesn’t teach us at all.

My goal? To help high achieving ditch the guilt and overwhelm and live a life with a lot more pleasure and fun.

I know it's possible.  I've walked the path and come out the other side.     You can too.

Now when I look in the mirror, there is love, confidence, trust, and deep appreciation for the woman looking back at me. 

Join us for this powerful program, won't you?  Would be honored to support you on your journey.

Much love,


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We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.