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Enjoy the Pleasure of Gratitude 

In this audio, you'll be guided through a sacred pleasure practice of self love and gratitude.    
The intention is to leave this practice feeling compassion, gratitude,
and love for yourself, your body and your pleasure. 
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Note, this practice is designed to be used with a yoni egg, but you don't need one to do the practice.  
If you'd like an egg you can get one HERE.
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About Amanda Testa

Amanda is a trusted healer, coach, and guide who’s served hundreds of clients over the years with masterful skills in coaching, pleasure embodiment, and somatic trauma resolution.

Her clients tenderly heal their relationship with their sexuality, shamelessly embrace pleasure, own their sexy confidence, and cultivate deeply connected relationships with her fiercely loving support.

When she’s not leading transformative sessions, you can find her snuggling her spunky 10 year old, flirting with her sexy hubs, playing in nature, enjoying live music, and having epic conversations about sex with fellow experts on her Find Your Feminine Fire podcast.

Amanda’s practices are body nourishing soul stirring heart awakening journeys that always leave me feeling more calm, empowered and delightfully alive. Having Amanda hold space for me to take this much needed but sometimes hard to find time for myself is priceless.

Rachel Rose

Breathwork Coach 

Practices with Amanda are a fun, sexy and empowering time. I love her incorporation of pleasure, movement, sensuality and healing practices. The way she guides you is so supportive, gentle and encouraging. 
I feel so deliciously relaxed and refreshed afterward I wish I could work with her everyday!

Eza Krooke

Poet / Essayist / Diarist / Podcaster

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