Are you ready to turn back on?

You're a busy woman, but you're ready to move from burning to candle at both ends to feeling amazing, and connected to your bright feminine spirit again. 

It's time to awaken your sexuality and feel more passion in your relationships so that you can have more energy for your daily life, and have more connection and patience in your relationships.

Congratulations brave one. Thank you for exploring if this program is right for you. I know this work can be a bit scary at first, but I want to assure you I know how you feel…because I was you at one time.

Scared yet excited at the possibility of feeling like myself again.

Maybe you can resonate with the following:

  • You want a more passionate relationship, but you have no sexual desire and frankly the only thing you want to do when you get into bed is SLEEP.
  • You want to feel more confident in your body.
  • You want more energy but instead, feel exhausted.
  • You have intentions to take care of yourself, but the “to-do” list is too long and you often find yourself at the very bottom.
  • You’re working out and doing all the “right” things for yourself, but still feel something big is missing.

What if there was a way to feel more confident in your body, to feel desire and turn on again, without adding a lot to your “to do” list?

Imagine being able to:

  • Feel incredible and sexy in your body, so you can feel confident in and out of the bedroom.
  • Feel love and pride when you look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Feel more powerful and feminine so you can set healthy boundaries in your life.
  • Feeling more present and patient with your loved ones, so you can respond vs. react when things get tense.
  • Awaken your sexual potential so you can have more energy and creativity in all areas of your life.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor without boring kegels, so you can sneeze without peeing your pants.
  • Feel desire and want sex again… and rekindle the passion and connection in your relationship.

Walk into a room and have heads turn when they see and feel your radiant energy.

Hi!  I'm Amanda.

I’m a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and founder of Find Your Feminine Fire. I help overwhelmed women reconnect to their sexuality with simple tantric techniques they can use to feel luscious in their bodies, feel more pleasure, take sex from a to do to something they look forward to, and to have more support and playfulness in their intimate relationships.

My methods blend the best in modern therapy and neuroscience with the ancient wisdom of Taoist and Tantric practices to get all parts of the brain and body on board for transformation.

This is a picture of me now, feeling fully confident in myself as a woman, fully vibrant with my feminine power.

But it wasn't always this way.

Three years ago, when my daughter was almost two years old, I woke up one snowy morning in despair.

I felt isolated.



I knew I was in a funk and that I was in deep.

As I stared at my weary eyes in the mirror, I remember asking myself “how did I get here?”


Was it the blatant lack of self-care? The fact that I was running hard on fumes? (Which for me looked like copious cups of coffee in the morning and wine to help me sleep.)

But how could I not keep running? So many things and people needed me. My daughter. My husband. My dog. My commitments. The constant stresses and duties of everyday life.

But I was done.

No longer could I ignore the playful, sensual and fiery feminine spirit I knew was somewhere inside, waiting.


I decided that morning that I would do something to free her. That somehow, I didn’t have a choice. My life depended on it.

I unknowingly stumbled upon an ancient practice that would change the course of my life. And the life changing results I achieved from working with the Jade Egg made me realize this is information every woman needs.

I was super skeptical at first - I mean come on, you want me to put WHAT up my hoo-ha?

But the results were incredible, I felt like I had come back to life again.

So I spent years studying at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and became a Certified Integrated Sex Love and Relationship Coach + Certified Jade Egg Coach so I could share these incredible tools with women around the world.

Women are hungry to turn on again.  To feel deeply connected with themselves, and the ones they love.

They want to have more energy, to feel confident in their skin… to leave running on auto pilot and survival mode behind.  They want to be powerful and feminine. They want to feel passion and desire for their partner again…

And these are things modern society doesn't teach us how to do.

I believe with all my heart that sexuality is the missing piece in personal growth and development.  Feeling connected to yourself and your sexuality is the key.

That is why I’ve created this program.

JADE MAGIC is an 8-week online coaching program that will help you feel confident and powerful in your body.  Help you feel reawakened in your sexuality, and feel more passion in your relationships so that you can have more energy for your daily life, and have more connection and patience in your relationships.   You will feel more playful and present, enjoying the moments of your day, because it's these little moments that matter.

For eight weeks I will guide you to cultivate incredible energy, and to feel amazing and confident in your body.


Are you ready to turn back on?

Working with the Jade Egg:

  • Helps train and rehab the pelvic floor when done responsibly, so you can sneeze without peeing. And enjoy more sensation in your vagina.
  • Helps to increase sensation so you feel more pleasure and ecstasy during sex. (alone or with your partner)
  • Focus, energy and attention develops the nervous system in the vagina, so you are more connected and can truly be in your body vs. creating the grocery list when having sex.
  • Gives a tangible method for healing and integrating sexuality, so you can connect this important part of our humanity to a tool and ritual.
  • Helps shift your emotional relationship to your sexuality and body, so you love yourself without even trying. You make better decisions, that support your well being with ease
  • Gives a regular practice to remove shame, guilt and fear, because these stuck emotions can cause pain, disconnect, or even disinterest in sex.
  • Can help to integrate trauma and judgement, so you feel true acceptance and love for every part of who you are.
  • Helps you to express pleasure, and encourages life affirming ways of relating to your sexuality, so you can easily speak your needs, in and out of the bedroom.

Here is what we will cover in our time together:

  • Jade Egg 101
  • Discover the rich history of the Jade Egg practice, and how it is WAY more that just sticking an egg in your hooha. Learn how this practice helps you cultivate your live force energy, and nourishes your system from the inside out, so you have more energy, joy, and fullness of expression in your life.
  • Explore the core exercise to create pelvic floor strength and increase sensate focus, the basics on how to train with the egg properly, (note - we don't want a TIGHT vagina, we want a TONED pelvic floor so our organs don't fall out!)
  • Shift your relationship to your sexuality, to one of honoring, respecting, and understanding we have 8000 nerve endings dedicated to pleasure for a reason!
  • Sensuality - Pleasure starts by learning how to be IN your body. How to fully drop into your 5 senses and enjoy the present moment. This flows out into all areas of your life. When you have presence, your relationships flourish, you have more patience with your kids or stressful situations, and you can truly enjoy the present moment. So often we are in our heads thinking about something in the past or worrying about the future. This practice helps you learn to drop in, and enjoy full presence.
  • You will learn how to create a sensual self care practice that is nourishing and quick! Because let's face it, we don't have all day people!
  • Discover how to expand pleasurable sensations throughout your body - so it doesn't just feel good, it FEELS AMAZING!
  • This week is all about self love and feeling gratitude for who we are and what are bodies can do, right at this moment. Not when we lose 20 pounds or get the dream promotion. RIGHT. NOW.
  • How to cultivate and open up to embracing your body, because this is a practice of acceptance, and the more we learn to accept all parts of us exactly as we are, the more we can offer that to others. This foundational piece is KEY in this practice. You will learn to truly appreciate the divine perfection of you.
  • Learn to deeply nourish your nervous system, in our stressful lives, this is paramount. We often are running on constant stress mode, and these tools will give you what you need to handle stress without taking it out on others.
  • Healing
  • How to use the Jade Egg for gentle trauma release and healing
  • Release limiting stories and beliefs
  • Relase shame around sexuality
  • Pleasure
  • Why pleasure is vital for a vibrant life
  • How to cultivate more pleasure
  • Explore how to be more present and find more joy in the moment
  • Energy
  • Many of us have been taught to give our energy away to everyone else, this practice will help you create energy and use it for what most supports you in thriving.
  • Strength
  • Building strength in your pelvic floor. Because we all want to sneeze without peeing!
  • Grounding and Integration
  • This week will focus on deep grounding tools to help to integrate your experience and support you in lasting transformation.
  • Weekly Video lesson to be completed at your leisure.
  • Weekly Meditation download.
  • Weekly Home Practice download.
  • PDF worksheets.
  • Your course also comes with a genuine nephrite Jade Egg.
  • (1) 30 min 1-1 session with me to dive deeper if you need additional support.

We’re so sure you will love Jade Magic that we guarantee it!

Send proof that you have tried the course for 30 days and if you aren’t fully satisfied I will refund your purchase.

This program is for you if:

  • You are feeling disconnected from yourself as woman
  • You feel overwhelmed and exhausted
  • You want to feel sexual desire again
  • You want to be able to sneeze without peeing your pants
  • You are ready to have the passion and connection back in your relationship

8 weeks from now you will

  • Have created a sensual self care practice that nourishes you from the inside out
  • Feel more comfortable with your sexuality
  • Create more energy to use as YOU want
  • Connect with amazing women who will support you on your journey
  • Feel amazing in your skin

This seems weird.  How can this help me?

I get it! I too was so skeptical at first, I mean come on - you want me to put an egg up my hoo-ha?  But the intention is powerful, and what you put time focus and attention on tends to flourish.  Working with the egg can be very beneficial for increasing sensation, pelvic floor health, and releasing negative conditioning around sexuality.

Can’t I just do kegels?

These types of exercises can be helpful, but they lack the emotional component that empowers the sensual and sexual enlivenment.  Just like yoga is more than stretching, these practices have more depth and support for your emotional body as well as your physical body.

I'm not sure I can afford it?

Are you struggling getting the results you are after?  You can patch together this information, but having someone to lead you down a well worn path to success is easier than whacking thru the weeds don’t you agree?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

How much time will it take?

You can’t magically expect things to change.  With as little as one practice a week you will start to notice changes.   The course is recorded so you will have access and be able to work on everything at your own pace.  Take as much time as you need to digest the information.

I am scared to do something like this!

Of course you are!  This is something we haven’t been taught as a regular part of our self care as women.  It's hard to dive into new things.  But you will be supported every step of the way.

What about Privacy?

(I don’t want anyone to know I’m doing this.) Don't worry, your privacy is protected.  Everything is confidential.  Also, yes, we are addressing sexuality, but there is no nudity and all your practices are done on your own in the privacy of your home.

Do I have to use the Jade Egg?

All the practices can be done without the egg, and you can build up to using the egg if you prefer. This is also why you will have 1-1 support so we can help with your unique situation.   Using the egg supercharges the practices, but you can still get valuable results without it.

Are the eggs safe?

Our eggs are made from 100% pure high quality Canadian Nephrite jade.  This is important as there are many low quality or fake jade eggs on the market that can actually be harmful to your body.  They are dense and don’t absorb bacteria.  This type of egg has more powerful healing properties, and is very strong which makes it safe for internal use.


Amanda Testa is an incredible coach with a gigantic heart. Every time we have done a jade egg session together, the awkwardness and discomfort I have felt around my sexuality melts away, and I am able to surrender into deep states of pleasure within my body. She holds a kind, compassionate, and gentle space, that always feels safe, completely loving, and non-judgmental. I would absolutely recommend Amanda to anyone who is interested in deepening their relationship to their sexuality and especially exploring the jade egg!

Claudia Lucida
Sex, Love + Relationship Coach and Founder of Estatically Ever After

Coaching with Amanda, I have experienced profound shifts in awakening and understanding my sexuality. I feel more connected to my body and more vibrant and alive. I understand the deep unconscious patterning from my religious upbringing which has caused me to shutdown my authentic sexual expression. Bringing compassionate awareness to this patterning has helped me reawaken my true self and my sexual desire. I'm so grateful for our time together!

Rachel Sizemore
Sex, Love + Relationship Coach and Host of Ripen, the podcast

I BREATHE easier when I’m around Amanda. I know that sounds funny, but after personally experiencing her magic, I felt more connected than ever to my own power as a woman to seduce, receive, and love the world to life.  With Amanda, her presence is her juju. You have to be inside a space she creates to know the full transforming energy of this woman!

Tiffany Josephs
Mentor + Illuminator

Amanda is inspiring, empowering, unique and authentic. She inspires me and makes me want to be the strong, empowered woman I know I can be. The energy she gives people, the fire and the fuel, I wouldn’t have been able to make some big changes in my life without her.

Megan Timlin
Colorado Mover + Shaker, Fashion Expert

Amanda is intuitive, gracious and has the ability to tap into forces that make life more vibrant and meaningful. She is absolutely a True North when it comes to matters of the heart and spirit and I can’t recommend her classes highly enough. If you are looking to connect with incredible women and engage your powerful feminine self- you need to be here!

Jenna Capobianco
Freelance Creative Director/Writer

Amanda is an amazing leader.  She creates beautiful safe space and allows you to flow into your rhythms.  Loving and playfully, she will guide you to open up even more into the depths of your feminism.  I really encourage you to join her in this adventure, which will really be your adventure.

Lisseth Wertz
Quantum Leap Coach

As a business owner with the world's longest to-do list, I loved that this workshop invited me to prioritize myself and my relationship of 12 years with my husband Russ.

I have always been what I would call a "prude" and through Find Your Feminine Fire I noticed a dramatic shift in my connection to who I am as a woman and the powers that I have in life when I open up and use my femininity!

I especially loved the weekly meetings where I was able to authentically share and connect with other women going through and wanting to create similar shifts in their lives and relationships.

I highly recommend this workshop!!!!

Brittany Hopkins
Yogi/Dancer/Teacher, Owner at Container Collective Yoga

I was feeling pretty drained in my life as a full time mom and struggling with intimacy with myself and my marriage. Not only did Amanda provide a warm, safe, non-judgmental space for a group of women to come together to release, come clear with any blockage, and connect but I also received some amazing tools to help start the process of release, forgiveness, self-acceptance, embracing our inner feminine, and creating positive sexual experiences. So if you're missing that spark, that fire you know you have so deeply inside of you, I highly recommend Amanda's services!

Lesley Lefkowitz
Entrepreneur, Dancer and Mama

Feel like your mojo has been missing...lost some sparkle and spark? These sessions were SO useful, I found myself counting the hours until the next session.  I highly recommend working with the incomparable Amanda Testa.

Jen Ibanez
Wellness, Love, and Oil Fairy at Surrender In the City

Working with Amanda was what I needed when I needed it. It made me feel like the challenges of womanhood and motherhood that I was facing were normal and that I was not an unfixable anomaly. It gave me the tools I needed to work towards a happier, more engaged version of myself. It helped me learn how to connect with my partner while empowering me to take care of myself. Not to mention, the women I met in the group were awesome, real women.

Gray Woerly
Mom, ED Nurse, Wife, Runner