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My husband Steve and I joined Tantra For Lovers and we really enjoyed it. Amanda has a soothing way about her. She's very knowledgeable about sexuality and how embracing it can empower a couple. Every week, she gave us videos to watch before our session that gave us information about what we were going to learn. They included everything from breathwork and meditation to instruction and anatomy. Who knew about the A spot? Not us! My husband is not a woo-woo kind of guy, but he was able to work around those more spiritual aspects and focus on the practical. A heart-breathing exercise is one of the main practices that we have kept doing consistently. We're finding that doing it for even 30 seconds after dinner reconnects us after our stressful days. We feel more connected sexually than we were when we started the program, which was the goal. Thank you Amanda!

Lynn Clark

"As a result of working with Amanda and Tantra for lovers, we have become closer.   It's become easier for us to resolve arguments and more quickly get to the point of seeing the other's point of view.  We’re enjoying better communication, and better sex. We are resolving conflicts more easily, feel more open to talk about sex and for what we want during it.  We discovered powerful new breath and meditation skills to help with our connection."  

- I + J, Florida

“Wow. Our relationship has done a complete 180.  Thank you!"

 - KW

"The space you hold is so warm and inviting.  My husband and I both felt so comfortable, and have a new level of intimacy available to us thanks to working together.  We love our sessions with you! 

- C+ D, Colorado

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