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You’re well versed in “pandemic you”. The messy bun, the sweatpants, the sourdough baking…
But what about “goddess you”. Remember her? She remembers you…

The side that owned that little black dress, made time for girls night, and didn’t think twice about dropping everything for a hot date with your love. ( those were the days....)

The side that felt free. Confident. Sexy. Playful. 

And now, she’s extending an invitation. A three day love affair with yourself, and I’ve got your hotel keys right here. 

It’s Amanda here, reminding you that eroticism is the antidote to death…and boredom. 

And eroticism is more than sex… of course sex is one amazing way to enjoy eroticism, but the root of the word - “eros” is life force. 

and yes, it is my mission to help women feel more ALIVE!

To feel vitality, and radiance in every cell of their being.  To THRIVE, not just exist in survival mode.  To have fabulously fulfilling relationships, with themselves and those they love.  And yes incredible sex too!

To be in that space where love notes flow (whether it’s from a partner or yourself), splurging on the good lingerie feels good, and there’s nothing novel about stealing away for the weekend for some good ole fashioned fun. 

It's all possible for us.  Even in a pandemic. Even in lockdown. Even with the kids home. 

You can feel connected to your desires again, want sex naturally, and feel less overwhelmed by life.  

During this powerful 3 day challenge I will be sharing some of my very favorite sensual self-care secrets and rituals to help you spark the love affair with yourself again. Not the PG self care either...we’re talking less face masks and more sensual massage.

It’s about feeling good in your skin, having more energy and nurturing your relationship with yourself.   To awaken the powerful Queen of Womanhood within you. 

As we all know, we can't pour from an empty cup, so this is all about taking care of YOU so you can better ground and care for others. 

After all, it’s only 1 hour a day for 3 days. You can prioritize yourself for just 3 days, right?

Each day I’ll be sharing a delicious practice to help you feel good, connect to that strong unbreakable core within you, and leave you feeling more embodied, radiant, sexy, and energized. I’ll even leave a chocolate on the pillow. 

What You'll Enjoy These 3 Days:

Day 1


What do you want? No..not that last frozen burrito sitting in the freezer, after that. When was the last time you actually thought about what you REALLY want. The deep wild love connection, or more laughter around the kitchen table.

Today is all about reconnecting to your desires, and what truly lights you up. 

Day 2


Today we’re going to be talking about how to create daily rituals to feel radiant, sexy, and energized. Really igniting that feminine fire within, discover the power of your brain on pleasure, and how it builds resilience, creativity, and nourishment to your system. Learn how to create rituals that support you to thrive, And I walk you through a quick practice to bring pleasure deep into your nervous system, and help you feel more sensually alive.

Day 3


Let go of the dimming, hiding, or not fully expression your true self!  Today is all about feeling confident and sexy in the skin you're in... right now. 

(not after you've lost the last 10 pounds, or anything else. Right. Now.)

Let your Expressionista out to play!

What people say about these retreats:


“WOW WOW WOW, such a gift, so aligned with what I am calling in right now.  Magical is an understatement! Thank you so much for this, that was divinely inspired and Im so grateful!”

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"I’m so grateful for this, you are opening my mind to believing in myself again! A million Thank you’s"

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“My original intention was to use this challenge as a way to connect to my Yes”, My Turn on, my creative self, to find a path to self expression that feels easy, safe and joyful.  After today’s practice, I am calling in my desire with certainty, so grateful to have this challenge at this time!"

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About Amanda

Amanda Testa, is a Sex, Love, and Relationship Expert + Trauma Resolution Guide who works with busy professional women and couples to feel incredible in their skin, tap into abundant energy, take sex from a "to do" to something they look forward to, and enjoy better connection and fulfillment in their relationships.  She’s also a mama to a gorgeous 8 yo girl, wife to her sexy hubs, and the host of the Find Your Feminine Fire podcast.  

Her methods bridge ancient tools combined with the latest in neuroscience and somatic healing to facilitate rapid and lasting transformation.


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