Feeling Supported When Life Is Scary

These free videos contain practices and tools to soothe your worried mind.  Tune in to discover some simple strategies to invite in more layers of support when the world feels in chaos.  

Live guided practices to move from anxiety to grounded.
How to nourish your nervous system,
so you can stay present and prepared.
Train your brain to move back into the part of your brain 
that can creatively problem solve vs. simmer in worry, fear, or freeze.
Understand why we tend to react the way we do,
and how to be loving to ourselves in the process
How to make time for yourself, even if it feels impossible.

Session One Replay- Creating your Resources and Calming your Nervous System

Session #2 Replay- Being with your emotions, finding stability in your body

Session #3 Replay- Mini Breathwork session to release stress and build resilience

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Amanda Testa

Sex and Relationship Expert

Amanda Testa is a Sex, Love and Relationship Expert and host of the Find Your Feminine Fire Podcast. 

Her methods bridge ancient tantric tools combined with the latest in neuroscience to help busy professional women reconnect to their bodies, partners, and sexual radiance. 

Using these simple techniques her clients have more confidence, have a positive body image, feel more pleasure, take sex from a "to do" to something they look forward to, heal trauma, and enjoy better intimacy, harmony, and playfulness in their relationships.

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