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Tantra For Lovers

Join today and take your relationship from Meh.. to Magical!

Do the fireworks feel more like duds in your relationship right now?

You desire more passion and connection in your relationship and are willing to discover what it takes to make that happen.

You have trouble feeling desire for your partner at times, but miss the deep intimacy you once shared.

Maybe, overall things are "ok" with your relationship, but you don't want to settle for just “ok.”  You're ready to reclaim the passion, the chemistry, the pleasure and ecstasy you know you are capable of. 

Most areas of your relationship are great- you just seem to struggle in the intimacy department.

Your sex life used to be hot and exciting… but now it’s barely there, and you miss the deep connection you once shared. 

You’re ready to improve your intimacy and confidence in the bedroom and beyond. 

Maybe you realize you’ve been putting too much focus on work, family, and you can tell your relationship is suffering - you’re ready to move it back to the front burner.

All the togetherness with the quarantine is making you crazy, and with all going on in the world, you feel SO far from pleasure.

You’re tired of touching your screen at night - and instead, want to touch the skin of your lover.  The distraction and busyness seem to have taken over at times, and you desire to reboot your relationship.

Know you're not alone, and there is a FUN way to move forward!
(that doesn't involve hours arguing in couples therapy)

Something I see all the time in working with busy successful women and couples as a Sex and Relationship Coach is that even though from the outside it may appear they are thriving, inside they really struggle with balancing the passion they have for their business, with the passion they have for their partners, and themselves.

They're busy all day. Taking care of everyone else's needs, their family, their business, they have very little time for themselves, if any, at the end of the day, and then at the very last on the list becomes their relationship with their partner.

Many times they will be struggling because they feel so disconnected and they're really missing that connection, that deep connection that they had at one time, that intimate relationship, they don't even have with themselves. 

So after burning both ends of the candle all day long, they come home and pretend to be asleep when their partner comes to bed because they don't want to have sex or worse, they don't want to get into an argument about why they're not having sex.

And there's nothing worse than the feeling of being extremely alone and disconnected when there is a warm body lying right next to you in bed. 

The good news is your life does not have to be this way.


"As a result of working with Amanda and Tantra for Lovers, we have become closer.   It's become easier for us to resolve arguments and more quickly get to the point of seeing the other's point of view.  We’re enjoying better communication, and better sex.  We are resolving conflicts more easily, feel more open to talk about sex and for what we want during it.  We discovered powerful new breath and meditation skills to help with our connectedness."



I can relate to where you are.

I was that woman feeling so disconnected, waking up in the morning, super resentful before my day even began, lashing out at my poor little family because I was just miserable inside.  

I thought I was doing all the right things for myself. I was working out, I was involved in the community, I was doing all these things, but something deep was missing and I remember one morning stumbling into the bathroom and looking in the mirror, and thinking, who is this woman looking back at me? I had no connection with her at all. 

And so I committed to myself, I would do whatever it took to find her again. I would follow whatever crumbs came my way.  I stumbled upon the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality,  where I learned to connect with myself, how to communicate, how to have amazing intimacy, and I studied it for over 4 years. I had over 1000 hours of training and got certified to teach this to others.  (I’m also now a Senior Teacher on the staff.)

It was like I came back from the dead.

I felt alive again.

Feeling that joy of waking up with energy and excitement for my day. I had forgotten what that was like.

I just remember after doing this work, I thought to myself, 

Why don’t we learn this coming along? Why is it something we're not taught? 

We're never taught how to have successful relationships. 

We're not taught how to have amazing sex and these are learned skills (and the education we do have is so fear and shame-based so its no wonder we have issues).

I decided at that moment it was going to be my life's mission to help people to turn things around, and that is why I created this program.

I believe deep in my soul is that sexuality is the missing key in personal growth and development.

And when you can connect to that power it's life-changing.   

I believe your sexuality and sexual energy fuel your creativity, confidence, and power. It is a vital part of your holistic health and vitality.

When you own your sexual power, your pleasure and creativity flourish.  

Your confidence and body image soar, you feel incredible in your skin.  

Your relationships deepen.

Sex and relationship coaching is what I do. Transforming and healing relationships is who I am. 

Module Breakdown

Module 1

Step 1

Better Sex

Discover the keys to better sex and the holistic sex tools that will skyrocket your connection.

Module 2

Step 1

Sacred Sexuality

Understand the philosophy and principles of sacred sexuality - and discover how to take your sex life from meh to magical. 

Module 3

Step 1

Energetic Awakening 

Ready to harness your sexual energy? This module shows you how to harness your body’s powerful energy centers for even more full-body pleasure.

Module 4

Step 4

Sensual Massage for Her 

Get the anatomy education you need to truly understand what it takes for pleasure and deep surrender.   Learn to gently release stored trauma to make way for sensation and ecstatic pleasure.

Module 5

Step 4

Sensual Massage for Him Understanding tools to support expanded pleasure for men, release blocks, support longer erections, and exquisite sensation. 

Module 6

Step 4

Extended Orgasmic Experiences Explore the process to awaken full-body pleasure, yes- it’s possible for anyone! 

Module 7

Step 4

Sex and Spirituality  

Discover the tools for sacred sexual awakenings, how sex can be a pathway for Divine connection.  

Module 8

Step 4

Unleash Your WILD

Bring back the wildness and raw energy!  

Module 9

Step 4

Manifestation Magic 

Discover how you can use your sexual energy to bring your desires to life with Sex Magic!

Module 10

Step 4

Full Body Bliss

Learn how to move pleasure through your energy centers for expansive pleasure and multiorgasmic bliss. 

Maybe you're thinking to yourself, This all sounds great Amanda, BUT...

Amanda Testa

Amanda Testa, the Queen of Bliss, is a Sex, Love and Relationship Expert as well as the host of the Find Your Feminine Fire Podcast.

Her methods bridge ancient tantric tools combined with the latest in neuroscience to help high performing couples reconnect to the sacredness and bliss of their relationship, bringing back the spark, playfulness, and eroticism to their partership.

People Love This Program

More connected

My husband Steve and I joined Tantra For Lovers and we really enjoyed it. Amanda has a soothing way about her. She's very knowledgeable about sexuality and how embracing it can empower a couple. Every week, she gave us videos to watch before our session  that gave us information about what we were going to learn. They included everything from breathwork and meditation to instruction and anatomy. Who knew about the A spot? Not us! My husband is not a woo-woo kind of guy, but he was able to work around those more spiritual aspects and focus on the practical. A heart-breathing exercise is one of the main practices that we have kept doing consistently. We're finding that doing it for even 30 seconds after dinner reconnects us after our stressful days. We feel more connected sexually than we were when we started the program, which was the goal. Thank you Amanda!

- Lynn and Steve Clark, Colorado

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Better sex

As a result of working with Amanda and Tantra for lovers, we have become closer.   It's become easier for us to resolve arguments and more quickly get to the point of seeing the other's point of view.  We’re enjoying better communication, and better sex.  We are resolving conflicts more easily, feel more open to talk about sex and for what we want during it.  We discovered powerful new breath and meditation skills to help with our connectedness.

- I+J, Florida

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Wow. Our relationship has done a complete 180.  Thank you!

- KW, Colorado

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Improved Intimacy

The space you hold is so warm and inviting.  My husband and I both felt so comfortable, and have a new level of intimacy available to us thanks to working together.  We love our sessions with you! 

- D+J, California

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Tantra For Lovers

A 10 week online program to transform your relationship from Meh.. to Magical!

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