M.O.M. Breathwork Replay

In this breathwork class, you’ll gain the basics of how to use your breath to help create a foundation for stability, safety and integration and you embark on your microdosing journey.

You’ll discover interesting facts about the nervous system and how we can find ways to feel more grounded and stable as we move and grow with the medicine.

Building a foundation of safety is so key in being able to drop deeper into your microdosing
 (and everyday life) experiences.

You’ll also enjoy a gentle, mini breathwork practice to process and move through anything that is keeping you feeling stuck or resistant.

 It’s a simple yet powerful process for moving stuck energy and releasing emotions, to honor the Spirit of Breath and its wisdom, and to open a space of inner trust and reverence.

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About Amanda

Amanda Testa is a trusted healer, coach, and guide who’s served hundreds of clients over the years with masterful skills in coaching, pleasure embodiment, and somatic trauma resolution.

After thousands of hours of training in trauma informed sex and relationship coaching, yoni egg coaching, tantric sex coaching, energy healing, somatic trauma resolution, breathwork, and more, she’s seen time and time again the magic and wisdom of our bodies.

We all have the ability to return to our blueprint of health, aliveness, pleasure and sovereignty, and you can too.

With her powerful, loving and gentle support her clients find their desire and pleasure again, find safety and bliss in their bodies, and remember they are enough just as they are. She is also a Master teacher and coach for one of her mentors, Layla Martin, and for the past four years has helped to guide the VITA coach training students through their year long certification.

When she’s not leading transformative sessions, you can find her snuggling her spunky 10 year old, flirting with her sexy hubs, playing in nature, enjoying live music, and having epic conversations about sex with fellow experts on her Find Your Feminine Fire podcast.

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